Privacy Notice (GDPR)

Why is my information taken and stored?

It is imperative before beginning any Podiatry treatment that all personal and medical information is provided by the patient.  This gives me a lot of background information which forms part of my assessment.  Without it I sadly can't go ahead with the treatment.
Other non essential information like phone number and e-mail address are only used for appointment reminders and are helpful in preventing missed appointments.

How is my information stored?

I take the collecting and storing of patients information very seriously.  Depending on when you were treated this may be kept on paper notes and held in a locked filing cabinet or if electronically, it's stored on a 'cloud' which is password protected.  Patient information is not used for marketing and would only be shared with other Health Care Professionals i.e. GP, with permission.

How long is my information kept for?

All medical records are kept 7 years after the last appointment or in children, until they're 25 years old.  You can ask to see the information held on you at any time.  Please contact me should you wish to do this.

Do I have to consent at every appointment?

On your first appointment you will be asked to sign to say you agree and consent to the privacy notice.  You will also be consenting to being treated by myself.  Thereafter consent will be gained verbally.  Refusal to consent will sadly mean no treatment can be carried out, but you may still be charged for the appointment.  You can withdraw consent at any time.